Utter Destruction

I’m now looking at this, and other, photographs that I took of the devastation in Rock Creek differently.

At the time, I was aware of the sensitivity of taking photos in places affected by disaster — and walked away when I saw anyone nearby — but it hadn’t hit me emotionally. Now it has.

It’s hard to imagine what it must be like to lose so much, so fast and so dramatically. This could have been worse, too. From media reports, many people had little time to evacuate; lives could have been lost. We still aren’t done with this fire season yet.

I hope no one else has to return to scenes like these.

© Marvin Beatty, 2015

Burned out property and horse trailer in Westbridge, B.C., Canada after a forest fire August 13, 2015.

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A Light Pause


I love to watch the sky — always have. I see what’s in front of me but I always catch my imagination looking past the clouds or rainbows, out into space, out of our solar system, our galaxy and beyond.

I’m off to sleep… because around 2 a.m. I’ll be awake and driving a short distance from town, away from the annoyance of city lights to try and digitally capture a meteor or a hundred.

Why DO we spend considerable resources to illuminate our roads? Isn’t that why cars have lights? I love it when I’m out for an evening walk and happen upon a block or two where the streetlights have fallen into disrepair. (Which actually doesn’t happen often because crews descend on that shit like the water housing around nuclear reactor rods have sprung a leak.) Anyway, that light pause is a bit similar to what happens when you’re driving in a storm and go beneath an underpass; the surrounding air gets quiet and the sound of your voice in your head gets really loud.

It’s no wonder light and dark are central themes in our tiny lives on this tiny planet. Light is the only form of fast-moving particles we can really relate to. Dark energy? Dark matter? Though they comprise the bulk of all things, it’s just never really on our radar.

I blame their names.

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Stale Blog…

Over a month since I put anything here… sheesh.

It’s true what they say: time seems to pass faster as one gets older.

I’m hoping to make a trip to the Shuswap sometime soon — time seems to pass slower there.

Here’s a photo of some sunset-illuminated virga for you.

Pink Spring Virga

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Aurora over the Kootenays

My “quick step outside to check the sky” turned into a four hour meander through the mountains in search of aurora. I missed the big show on the 17th due to poor weather.

Worth it, though I have a lot to learn about night photography and how to capture aurora well.

These were barely visible to the naked eye. A 30 second exposure washed it right out… took a while to find settings that were close.

Aurora - March 18 2015

Aurora – March 18 2015

Aurora - March 18 2015

Aurora – March 18 2015

Aurora - March 18 2015

Aurora – March 18 2015

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Got gout? Edit photos.

Yeah… gout. Sounds gross but really is just painful swelling (and I hope it stays that way until the meds kick in and gets rid of it) of my big toe. I can now add it to the list of things of things I wouldn’t wish on an enemy, along with back pain.

Anyway, it didn’t feel any different down or up so I sat and re-edited five photos I plan to enter into the West Kootenay Camera Club’s annual show. It took my mind off it for a couple of hours.

Anyway, the screenshot below shows the five pics. Now I need to get them printed and mount them on foam boards.

* I noticed the flat colour of the bear photo after the screenshot — it has been fixed.



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More Murphy Creek

I probably shouldn’t drop the same photos onto multiple social media platforms (I realize some of you follow all of them and apologize for the bombardment) but I do like how these turned out and wanted to share.

Perhaps when spring arrives full-time I’ll have the legs to go farther upstream at Murphy Creek; right now, it’s a 1.5 hour sweat-fest just to get these.

_MG_1108 WEB _MG_1136 WEB

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Finally seeing some colour

We need a few days of a cleansing rain to wash the dust away but it’s hard to argue with sunshine and the return of some spring-like colour. It has been warm in southwest B.C of late and as much as I try to enjoy it, I always hear voices of scientists in my head — loudly stating to any news organization that will listen how the planet is warming, glaciers and ice caps are shrinking, sea levels are rising and extreme weather will become our new normal in the coming years.

I listened to a captivating episode of Quirks and Quarks (CBC) today… it was all about predicting what our blue dot will look like in the future. The only thing remotely comforting is somehow humans keep cranking out more smart humans. Their ability to invent and/or improve technologies may one day help us better manage our dwindling resources.

The things humans can do is staggering already (and, yes, I know I view most things through a distorted lens of good days/bad days due to depression and some health concerns) but I think what’s needed is for humans to start questioning those things and being brave enough to do what’s right in the long-term.

Here’s the link to the episode of Quirks and Quarks if you’re interested.

And here’s a bit of the colour I spoke of…

Colour Along the Columbia

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