Moving Things Along

I just looked at a list of more than 50 cities in B.C. It was sortable by population, incorporation date, area and the like. I want to move, not far, yet not one of those cities leapt off the page as someplace I’d want to be.

I’ve lived in Whistler, Castlegar, Kamloops, Kelowna, Victoria, Esquimalt, Vernon and Chase. Additionally, I spent 7 weeks in Chilliwack (a cool hit?) during a rigorous, competitive employment training program. And I’ve been through all of the other places with the exception of Port Moody. Wait… a quick Google map perusal reminds me I’ve been through Port Moody, too.

So, what’s wrong with B.C?

Nothing. Clearly, it’s me. I’m a drifter by nature and get bored easily with the same surroundings.

I know this: small towns aren’t doing it for me. Having expertly avoided the trappings of offspring, spouses, religious affiliations, team sports, military training, etc…. well, let’s just say they don’t offer much in the way of stimulation or raison d’etre. It may turn out that, in a few years, I’ll fall-in with some community centre’s Thursday afternoon Bridge and tea crowd* but I’m not there yet.

Where is the best place for a childless, unmarried atheist who prefers solitude over weekly softball and unnecessary military interventions (or conversations)?

What’s that?

Oh, whatever! I don’t think I deserve to be jailed, you assholes.

I’ve looked outside the border, skipping right over the cons-lands all the way to Ontario. It seems like a nice province with rational, like-minded people. I’d need to research the place more but it’s definitely on the list. And it’s the only thing on the list because I’ve just started thinking about this in a more than casual way.

I’ll keep you posted.

*I don’t understand Bridge. No one does, not even the people who play it. It’s a card-based Rubik’s Cube of auctions, tenuous partnerships and non-verbal signals that is just a giant mess. A giant MESS.

Update: I guess Ontario is out because apparently about 40 per cent of all Canadians live there. Too crowded. Out.

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At Long Last, Lightning

So the problem with my lightning trigger was, of course, me.

I’ve been trying to use the wrong cable on it. It didn’t even belong to that device… haha! That kind of thing will make you worry about yourself. Oh, well… it’s figured out now and working really well. My apologies to the people of MIOPS who I unnecessarily and unfairly harassed about their product… my bad.

I grabbed about a dozen shots off my parents deck in Chase, B.C. the other night. At a setting of 94, the trigger captured every shot, even the super-faint, off in the corner ones. I’m now watching the weather and radar like a hawk to hopefully get some big, classic cloud-to-ground beauties.

Here are a few of the better ones:

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Take it down a notch

Hey, Muscles (yes, I noticed mostly because of that oh-so-cool muscle shirt of yours) when you and your girlfriend stepped in front of my car, from between parked cars, the closeness of our encounter was as much the fault of you two as it was mine.

There’s a chance that realization would come to you eventually if maybe you cut back on your weekly dose of ‘roids.

Staring daggers at me as I drive away sure must have made you look tough to your arm candy though.

Slither away and die, asshole.

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Grab Utility for Mac

Method 5 at this link ( is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for.

When I sharpen photos in Adobe Bridge, I press/hold the option key (Mac) while clicking the masking slider to see the areas being affected. Often, that black and white preview is so cool to look at, so I’m glad there’s a screenshot option that includes a timer.

It’s the only way to get a screenshot of this adjustment screen because the keys to make the adjustment are some of the same ones needed to take a screenshot.

Here’s the regular photo and what the above sharpening adjustment looked like at one point in the process.

I may make a whole series of these!

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Really body… really?

The Tempest WEB


I needed to hear that from my doctor about as much as I needed to hear anything more about Donald Trump. Nonetheless, there it was.

It’s not a death sentence, I know. It’s not even all that high on the list of things you don’t want to hear from a doctor. It’s probably somewhere between dandruff and diarrhea.

But it’s a hassle, y’know?

So, now I’m taking Metformin HCL for a few weeks until I go back for more blood work and see how effective it’s been in the sugar-to-energy dance with insulin. If they decide not to tango, then I may be looking at a higher dose or possibly taking insulin.

In retrospect, this makes a lot of sense; over the past few years my weight has jumped (sure, that can just be middle age but I’ve been trying hard to decrease the amount I eat), cuts and injuries are slow to heal (ditto middle age thing but bear with me), my vision has started to blur (okay, I realize ALL these things happen at middle age but a guy with a medical licence told me today I HAVE diabetes) and I can’t climb any kind of incline without having to stop multiple times. I have a few of the other warning signs, too, but I may not have any obligatory jokes about them. Except for the erectile dysfunction; that’s hilarious all by itself. Good thing no one but me is relying on that organ.

Just when I was getting used to the meds I already take, I’m adding one that is almost guaranteed to cause diarreah and possibly nausea, headaches and other annoyances. Still, it’s another thing to experience I guess and, hey, isn’t life all about experiences?

To the death, Diabetes! You and I shall engage in a battle for the ages! They will sing of us by the light of roaring fires and write epic tomes of our heroics!

Or, I may end up stabbing myself in the gut or ass with a needle a few times a day.

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High Pass – No, Not Football

“High Pass” sharpening in Photoshop has made such a huge difference in my photos, I have to share this for anyone looking to take things up another notch.

1) Edit your RAW photo (because why would you ever not shoot in RAW?) to your liking and flatten.

2) Double click the background layer and click “OK” in the dialog box that appears; this converts the background to an “unlocked” layer.

3) Duplicate the layer either by dragging it down to the “Create a new layer” icon (fastest way) or by clicking “Layer -> Duplicate Layer.”

4) Be sure the duplicate layer is selected and then click “Filter -> Other -> High Pass.”

5) In the dialog box that appears, try a radius from 1.0 to 2.5 (rarely higher) and judge how much sharpening you want applied in the preview window.

6) Click “OK.”

7) Set the blending mode for that layer to “Overlay.”

8) Flatten image for the last time.

For best results, be sure to use an image that is sufficiently sharp to begin with (tripod, tripod, tripod) or you’re just putting lipstick on a pig.

Alexandra Bridge WEB

Alexandra Bridge

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Luck or Doing Something Right?

I’ve had two photos hit the “Explore” page of Flickr in the last month. It’s only happened a handful of times for me out of the approximately 4,000 photos I’ve posted there, so it’s always a fun thing to see.

The two are: “Surprise Colour” and “Columbia River Harmony.”


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