I found Ladybug crawling along the wall near my sliding doors last night. It was forecast to drop to -6 so I decided to let her crawl into a glass and then I transported her to a plate in my kitchen, where it was at least a little warmer.

This process seemed of little concern to Ladybug. I’ve found they’re pretty agreeable to hanging out with humans. I put my reading glasses on to have a better look: three black spots in a rough triangle, one partial spot trying to make it a diamond; a reddish-orange hue that stood out brightly against the off-white plate.

I put a small dollop of honey and banana on the plate along with a little water. “Stay the night and enjoy some warm hospitality,” I thought.

I went to the plate this morning to check on my friend but all I could see was dried out banana and a little dark bit at one end.

In case the dark bit was her, I gently moved the dried out banana bit. The dark bit moved and I smiled.

Happy she spent the night and seemed content, I thought she might like to try the honey that didn’t appear touched. This was not a smart move on my part. Clearly, she enjoyed banana all night and could have wandered over to the honey if desired. I carefully nudged the banana with the tip of a knife toward the honey, with Ladybug riding along.

And then, disaster.

She flipped over and landed upside down in the honey.


She was thoroughly stuck, her legs and wings splayed out. I ran through options before deciding the least invasive way to get her unstuck was to remove the honey versus the inevitable harm that would come from trying to dislodge microscopic ladybug parts. I ran the hot water tap until it got slightly warm and tried to gently wash away/melt the honey. The whole time, my heart was pounding in my chest as it felt as if I were waterboarding my friend. I was at least smart enough to put the stopper in the sink in case she left the plate.

But… it worked! She righted herself and walked away groggily away from the gooey part of the plate. I swear it was at this point she stopped briefly to flip me off.

I was relieved but scolded myself for having the arrogance to meddle in the life of this little creature.

I put a piece of paper towel next to the plate and grabbed my desk lamp (an old-fashioned style which throws off a fair bit of heat) aiming it so it bathed the paper towel in light.

Having had enough drama to start my day, I stepped away to make breakfast.

While making toast, I looked over to see Ladybug stretching up toward the light to dry off.

I’ve decided to leave Ladybug alone now. I will keep the light on until she decides to go elsewhere. My intervention now seems unnecessary and misguided. She doesn’t need my help to survive.

As a parting gift/small act of penance, I’ve put a piece of Brussels sprouts on the paper towel but so far it has been ignored.

I don’t blame you, Ladybug. I’d be cautious at this point too.

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Colour Quest

_MG_6094 WEB

In other seasons, an abundance of colour seems to naturally permeate life.

The vivid hues of golden autumn leaves, the deep blue waters of lakes and streams under a brilliant summer sky, the dazzling sunrises and sunsets as the first kiss of sunshine melts spring snow packs in the mountains.

Being immersed in it, it’s easy to take these times for granted.

But in winter, I find colour becomes bold, yelling, “Hey! Here! I’m still right here!” It’s as if colour attacks, assaulting my eyes and making it impossible to ignore. My defence is to try and mount a solid offence by capturing it and making it mine to enjoy, if only for my time here.

When Hanna Ices
In the bustle of human activity, in iridescent clouds and sometimes even in something as objectionable as litter on a neighbourhood street, colour demands my attention and my time. Though visual perception of the electromagnetic spectrum is highly complicated, in winter I appreciate it simply for what it is.


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The Cariboo

My move is complete. It was great weather during the move and I had *expert* help. I’m now in a 4th-floor apartment in Quesnel, about two blocks from the Fraser River.

Here are some photos taken during breaks while moving:

Cariboo Slide WEB

This is an 8-shot panorama of an impressive landslide/ground slump near Alexandria.

_MG_5736-HDR WEB

Same location as the previous photo.

Lake Life Cariboo Style WEB

Pretty sure this is Lac La Hache.

The Red Trimmed Church WEB

On Church Road, near Alexandria.

Wahlachin Awakens WEB

“Walhachin Awakens”


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Autumn’s Arrival

Fall doesn’t officially start for 11 more days but these trees don’t read memos.

_MG_5439 WEB

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Lenticular Love

Recently spotted over Pritchard and Monte Creek, B.C._MG_5448 WEB_MG_5450 WEB_MG_5452 WEB_MG_5454 WEB_MG_5456 WEB

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Fall Feels





This year, summer officially ends in B.C. Saturday, September 22. Unofficially, if previous years are any indication, there should be plenty of summer-like days after that until winter officially arrives Friday, December 21.

I make no secret of the fact fall is my favourite season and I’m looking forward to another. While the cooler air is refreshing, it’s the feeling of fall that I like.

As the summer flood of tourists recedes, lakes and rivers see fewer wake-filled days. Wheeled travel becomes less a white-knuckle experience and more a pleasant thing to enjoy. Steam rises in the morning and valleys begin to fill with fog. Wildfire smoke dissipates as increasing rain and dew dampen flames and give an assist to brave, battle-weary firefighters.

The Cliffs - Slocan Lake

Fall colour abounds and new, yet familiar, contrasts develop across local landscapes. It’s not exactly a renewal but part of the renewal of all things. Unlike summer, when fall ends it doesn’t seem to do so gradually. Instead, there’s a day when the world seems to become black and white overnight. It’s then the macro lens clicks onto my camera and a search begins for the small things retaining autumn’s vibrancy; my mind’s protectionist move against the confinement and cold as the countdown to spring begins.

Autumn Shroom WEB

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Boating Under A Smoky Sky

…or a visual metaphor for loneliness?

_MG_4734 WEB

Here are a few more from Adams Lake, B.C. This lake is surrounded by beautifully treed mountains, with numerous streams flowing into it… most days, you can even see those things!

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