Neglect and Reflect

Wow… no blog posts since Feb. 19. Haha!

As I’m currently bored out of my mind and not super mobile (more on that below), here’s a recap of things seen or done since then.

Mid-December, I was doing part-time, overnight grunt work until experiencing a brand new injury that, to that point, I didn’t know was a thing: frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis.) It quickly became a problem, immobilizing my entire left arm.

My doc hit me with cortisone shots Dec. 20, which was also an experience…

I had been looking forward to getting the cortisone, thinking it would provide, if not immediate relief, some movement going forward. After a brief but only mildly unpleasant exam where he moved my arm around and probed for the area that was the sorest, he asked me to sit down and promptly jabbed a needle deep into my shoulder.

Three times.

I felt the start of the third injection but the pain from the second was rather intense. So much so that the room started to spin… long story short, I woke up on the floor with someone’s sweater under my head. Please note, I don’t normally have an issue with needles and wasn’t even watching while he was doing it. The first one wasn’t even that bad.

Anyway, after a slow rise and even slower exit where I thought I was going down a couple more times, I got back to the car and we went to my sister’s place.

I wasn’t able to work until near the end of March but I actually recovered faster than I expected. The day after the shots, an Occupational Therapist friend of mine said, “Frozen shoulders usually start thawing after about 9 months or so, unless you catch them really early. Hang in there, it will return to normal.” Thankfully, it did and I returned to the overnight grunt job.

In short order, I came to realize how terrible that job was and how little they cared that I was back. So, I applied for and landed a new full-time job working days.

Until mid-June, I happily toiled away at the new job, gaining strength and dropping pounds along the way (broke through the 200 lb barrier, down from a high of 240) until missing a day and a half with vertigo. That was a new one, too. I thought for sure I was having a blood-sugar crash (Type 2 diabetic) but testing showed otherwise. Vertigo has to be one of the strangest health-related things I’ve had for sure; no pain but the world sure didn’t look right for a couple of days!

Now? The trifecta has apparently been completed because at the end of July, I woke up (on a day off to add insult to injury) and was unable to stand. Turns out my L4 herniated and, for what I believe is the fourth time in my life, leveled me with extreme pain and spasms. If you’ve never experienced back pain, count yourself among the lucky. Two paramedics administered laughing-gas (no, I didn’t laugh), rolled me onto a stretcher and delivered me to the ER in Kamloops. I was only there overnight and, since the next morning I could shuffle with a walker, received a morphine opioid, muscle relaxants and was told to go home.

I’m heading into week five of back pain but it’s improved considerably. I drove my car yesterday, being careful how I got in and out of it, but lifting anything with some weight to it is still out of the question. I’m doing physio and massage but it takes time.

I was able to get outside for the solar eclipse Aug. 21 and snagged a few photos. I don’t really have the gear for doing it up professional-like but was happy with what I got.

What seemed like a never-ending smoky sky has cleared the last couple of weeks but wildfires have toasted more than a million hectares in B.C. this season.

What makes being laid up especially annoying at present, is the almost unavoidable news coverage of what Trump is doing to dismantle and undermine the United States.

Heading into autumn, I’m hoping my very patient employer will soon have me back and I can resume contributing to the economy! I hope those reading are healthy and happy and have a 2017 story that isn’t as incident-riddled as mine so far!

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Thick Valley Fog

A six-shot panorama of the valley above Chase, B.C.


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Red Pier and Rainbow # 106

A few compositions of rainbow # 106 (I seem to spot a lot of them) over Little Shuswap Lake. It was a great photography day.

I also managed to grab a few of the autumn colours around the east end of Little Shuswap Lake on Secwepemc Territory.

And a gorgeous cloud display at sunset at the Memorial Park in Chase, which is at the eastern end of the lake. The photo below is a three-shot panorama. Great day!


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Here’s hoping you’ve enjoyed fall, too.

Fall Lines

Into The Shuswap

autumn-noise-webAutumn Noise

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The 17th: Update # 17


Easily the smoothest move of all; huge thank you to my sister for the heavy lifting, use of truck and hilarious moving company. Huge thank you to my folks for the vehicle swap too. We crammed so much in it, I was too embarrassed to take a photo of it. 

I’ve already spent a night in the new place (mattress on the floor for one night), unpacked a number of boxes and sorted out where I want things to go.

Would have included photos but it’s still mostly a mess. Haha!

Here are some random moving shots. 

The truckload.

Obligatory McD’s breaky.

Lampshade made the cut.

iMac gets the trunk.

Table for one.

These damn things…

Just awful.

This damn thing. 

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The 17th: Update # 16

Mapping out how I want to pack my sister’s truck.

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Hanging Around

Grabbed a photo of this little traveller on the shed door when I went to take out the recycling this morning.

I believe it’s a male Wood Frog. Little dude was only about 3-4 cm long… about half the length of my thumb. It hopped away while I taking the photo; they have long legs with little webbing between their toes. Crazy thing: some “survive for weeks with an incredible two-thirds of their body water completely frozen—to the point where they are essentially solid frogsicles.” –

More about them and how you can report sightings to the BC Frogwatch program:…/public…/factsheets/frogs/wood.htm

Wood Frog WEB

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