No. 4 in a series of short things I wrote in J-school

Upstairs neighbour, how do you do it? How can you make such noise with only your feet? Amazing. Your heels must be made of steel. I’m trying to sleep, upstairs neighbour. You walk so much. I’m sorry you get no daytime exercise. I’m sorry you remedy that nightly. I’m sorry I live below you. Maybe your heels are not steel; perhaps your slippers are titanium? Perhaps you sport fashionable concrete socks? What is the deal up there? Is there a path worn? I want to understand. I want to visit sometime. Perhaps when sleep doesn’t matter ,which happens rarely, upstairs neighbour. I may have to kill you. I can probably do it. I walk softly, cat-like. You wouldn’t even hear me coming. Incredibly, I’ve heard noisier footfalls than yours. However, I was at the zoo. My friend Dumbo sends regards.

Again, these were just short modeling exercises. Tomorrow: Sighting at 37,000 feet.


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Clients and places where I’ve had photos and writing published include: The Tyee, BC Outdoors Magazine, Currents Magazine, Kamloops Daily News, Kamloops This Week, Smithers Interior News, Okanagan Vacation Guide, Hummingbird Beach Resort, U.S. Horsetrainer.com, Castlegar News, West Kootenay Advertiser and the Pacific Salmon Foundation. My best photographs are available at: https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/marvin-beatty.html My images can appear on framed prints (what I’ll mostly focus on), home decor and apparel products. The choice of what image appears on what is mine for every image and buyers can customize their choices, too. There are beautiful frames and mats, canvas, acrylic, metal, wood and more. All inks are archival and all papers are acid-free. Fine Art America has 14 manufacturing centres in 5 countries, including one in Canada, which will minimize shipping costs and speed up delivery times. Fine Art America has also partnered with Deck the Walls, The Great Frame Up, and The Framing and Art Center to sell artwork at 150+ retail locations throughout the United States and Canada. All this and they offer a 30-day, full refund guarantee!
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