Finally seeing some colour

We need a few days of a cleansing rain to wash the dust away but it’s hard to argue with sunshine and the return of some spring-like colour. It has been warm in southwest B.C of late and as much as I try to enjoy it, I always hear voices of scientists in my head — loudly stating to any news organization that will listen how the planet is warming, glaciers and ice caps are shrinking, sea levels are rising and extreme weather will become our new normal in the coming years.

I listened to a captivating episode of Quirks and Quarks (CBC) today… it was all about predicting what our blue dot will look like in the future. The only thing remotely comforting is somehow humans keep cranking out more smart humans. Their ability to invent and/or improve technologies may one day help us better manage our dwindling resources.

The things humans can do is staggering already (and, yes, I know I view most things through a distorted lens of good days/bad days due to depression and some health concerns) but I think what’s needed is for humans to start questioning those things and being brave enough to do what’s right in the long-term.

Here’s the link to the episode of Quirks and Quarks if you’re interested.

And here’s a bit of the colour I spoke of…

Colour Along the Columbia


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One Response to Finally seeing some colour

  1. Betty Ann Beatty says:

    Beautiful photos Marv. I do hope things are going OK for you. We are heading over to see Birkhiiems and may stay over. Haven’t made up our minds yet. Love Mom

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