A Light Pause


I love to watch the sky — always have. I see what’s in front of me but I always catch my imagination looking past the clouds or rainbows, out into space, out of our solar system, our galaxy and beyond.

I’m off to sleep… because around 2 a.m. I’ll be awake and driving a short distance from town, away from the annoyance of city lights to try and digitally capture a meteor or a hundred.

Why DO we spend considerable resources to illuminate our roads? Isn’t that why cars have lights? I love it when I’m out for an evening walk and happen upon a block or two where the streetlights have fallen into disrepair. (Which actually doesn’t happen often because crews descend on that shit like the water housing around nuclear reactor rods have sprung a leak.) Anyway, that light pause is a bit similar to what happens when you’re driving in a storm and go beneath an underpass; the surrounding air gets quiet and the sound of your voice in your head gets really loud.

It’s no wonder light and dark are central themes in our tiny lives on this tiny planet. Light is the only form of fast-moving particles we can really relate to. Dark energy? Dark matter? Though they comprise the bulk of all things, it’s just never really on our radar.

I blame their names.


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Clients and places where I’ve had photos and writing published include: The Tyee, BC Outdoors Magazine, Currents Magazine, Kamloops Daily News, Kamloops This Week, Smithers Interior News, Okanagan Vacation Guide, Hummingbird Beach Resort, U.S. Horsetrainer.com, Castlegar News, West Kootenay Advertiser and the Pacific Salmon Foundation. I did have a portfolio on iStockphoto.com, a subsidiary of Getty Images and had over 1000 downloads when I decided to go a different direction in selling images. You can find me now at: http://www.viewbug.com/member/MarvBeatty
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