A key, mushroom and waterfall…

An eclectic mix of afternoon uploads today. All available as prints at my Fine Art America site.


Autumn Shroom WEB
Autumn Shroom
The Swimming Hole WEB
The Swimming Hole

Thank you for visiting! Happy holidays and Happy New Year!

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Chase Creek Falls Dec 12 2017 WEB
“Icefall” is now available at my Fine Art America site. Choose acrylic, canvas, framed print, wood print, metal print and more.

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Ice is Nice

In the winter months, many nearby trails follow either creeks or rivers. I look for interesting natural ice sculptures… For more photographs, visit my Fine Art America gallery.

IMG_8032 WEB
Ice Touch

IMG_8029 WEB
Winter Baubles

For more ice photos, including those from other photographers at Fine Art America, click:
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I’m at my most relaxed when alone in nature. This was a blissful day along the Columbia River in the West Kootenay region of B.C.

Harmony WEB

Harmony” by Marvin Beatty, available now at Fine Art America.

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Mining for Photographs

I’ve been a little more productive today; I’ve found five images in my archives I think will look nice as prints, so they’re now available on my Marvin Beatty – Fine Art America site.

And just to make sure, I re-edited them all.

Yes, this is predominantly a compulsive thing with me. It’s just that over time, I learn more and more about how to edit. I keep my last two years of RAW files just so I can produce the cleanest image possible, using the best software and techniques possible.

Click the title under each photo to see all purchase options.

_MG_1333 WEB
Autumn Mist

Up and Down WEB
Up and Down

Red Pier Rainbow EDIT WEB
Red Pier Rainbow (a personal favourite; I’ve photographed more than 100 to date).

To see more rainbow photos from other photographers, click here:

rainbow photographs for sale
_MG_1321 WEB
Blind Bay Sunset

Final Glow WEB
Final Glow


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Chase Creek Waterfall Panorama WEB

Above: “Chase Creek Waterfall – Panorama” just added to my Fine Art America gallery.

Chase Creek has changed greatly over the past 40 years. It was once full of brook trout and had deep pools sprinkled between the falls and its outlet at the South Thompson River. Now, it’s really only this one at the base of the falls that remains.

As a kid, I can recall swimming in the creek kilometres from here. I can also remember “skating” home from school when it froze over. Now, it either runs weakly in summer, with most of it being diverted for agriculture, or rages so hard during spring freshet that this shot would impossible.

During the winter months, the level is mostly stable, close to what you see here. I’ve seen it so low that there is no visible output of water at its terminus.

While not as “spectacular” as larger waterfalls, this is nonetheless a quiet place to visit (in the winter when there are not zip-liners screaming overhead) and one that changes from month to month.

Fine Art America has a couple thousand photos of waterfalls, for those interested:

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Cold Heart

Cold Heart WEB

Above: “Cold Heart” – just added to my Fine Art America gallery.

I love getting out in the winter and exploring some of the trail systems of the Shuswap. They often follow creeks or rivers and, when it’s cold enough, some of the natural ice sculptures created are good fun to seek out and photograph.

I would have preferred a more head-on shot here but the rocks were very slippery. I’ve said this before but no photo is worth taking unnecessary risks for.

You can find more great heart-shaped photos on Fine Art America:

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